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Tooth Coloured Fillings at Junction Village Dental

Elderly woman with gray hair smiling at dentistTooth decay affects people of all ages, from young children to seniors. Treating it as quickly as possible prevents the cavity from spreading deeper into the tooth and potentially causing an abscess.

If you think you have a cavity or we suspect decay during your exam, we’ll take an X-ray to evaluate the size and depth of the lesion. Early enamel demineralisation can be monitored and reversed with fluoride. However, physical damage to the tooth will need to be repaired with a filling.

About Our White Fillings

Each of our dental fillings is made from composite resin. The white material is matched to the tooth structure around it so that your restoration blends in when you smile. There’s no unsightly metal (mercury) filling, so it’s easier to restore any area of your mouth, especially teeth that are more visible.

Same-Day Treatment Available

If you’re here for an exam because of existing tooth pain, it’s often possible to start treatment the same day. As long as you have time, your filling can be placed on the spot.

What to Expect

Before placing your filling, we’ll need to remove the decayed areas and damaged tooth structure around it. To ensure your comfort, we’ll numb your tooth with a small amount of local anaesthetic. If you feel nervous or want to feel more relaxed, nitrous oxide sedation (relative analgesia) is available.

When the tooth is desensitised, we’ll prep and clean the area being filled, then match the appropriate composite for your smile’s colour. Next, we shape the material into your tooth using a small tool, creating the proper contours to rebuild the anatomical structure that’s missing. Finally, a bright light is shone over the filling to permanently cure it in place.

Possible Complications to Consider

Some people have cavities that are quite large. When decay is close to the nerve of your tooth, we may want to consider a filling and monitoring the area for some time. If any side effects (such as sensitivity when you’re eating or lingering tooth pain) occur, a root canal and crown may be recommended.

White fillings can develop stain around the edges over time as they age. When symptoms of leakage occur around the filling’s margin, we’ll replace them with a new one.

Need a Filling?

If you have symptoms of tooth decay such as pain when biting or sweet sensitivity, contact our office to request an exam.You may need a filling The Junction.


* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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